Simple Saturday: See Through a Hole in Your Hand

Take a piece of notebook paper. Roll it up. Tape it together, and, buddy, you've created something lethal!

Not really.

What you have created is something that will play a cool trick on your eyes, Have you ever heard of something called an optical illusion? Well, bubba, if not, you're just about to experience an awesome one.

Here's how you do it. Take the tube in your right hand. Hold it to your right eye so that you can see clear through it. Raise your left hand, palm facing you, until it is in front of your left eye with your little finger touching the side of the tube. Open both eyes and look straight ahead. Yeow!!!!!! What's happened????

I know, that explanation was a little wordy. This week, in efforts to make things a little easier, I made a YouTube demonstration video just for you. Go ahead and click HERE to access it. Like the background music?

Speaking of background, ignore my messy office. That cluttery pile of books stacked behind me is just another optical illusion.