Simple Saturday: Bang-up Boomerang

 Y'all, this Simple Saturday post is proof that it takes very little in the way of cost and supplies to have hours and hours of fun, fun, FUN!

Did you gather up the scissors, cardstock, and the optional markers? Well, why not? Simple Saturday Bang-up Boomerangs are the absolute bomb, I'm telling ya. Go get the goods.

Here's how you make them. First of all access a .pdf printout I made for you by clicking HERE. Print it on the sheet of cardstock. Decorate the boomerangs and triangles printed on the sheet with your markers, if you'd like. Me? I couldn't wait to play. I cut mine out the second after I printed them. Blank boomers are just fine with me.

 For the launching technique, balance the boomerang on your fingertips. Now, give one tip of the boomerang a quick flick with your other hand. Wow! Did you see that? So cool.... So cool...

Okay, now for the mini-boomer, cut out the teeny-tiny triangle. Set it on a fingertip. Give one corner a quick flick. Shazam!!!!! Did you see that?

 You've got several boomerang cutouts to play with on your sheet. Color them. Cut them out and flick, flick, flick to your heart's content.

And, hey...thanks for stopping by to make boomerangs with me. It's so great to share all my simple and silly stuff with you each and every Saturday. Let's meet up again next week. What do you say?