Simple Saturday: A Soapy Cruiser

 Don't let yesterday's pic of  Toot Toot Cruiser fool ya. This week's Simple Saturday Soapy Cruiser moves, baby. It m-o-v-e-s.

Along with the bowl of water, scissors, and the liquid detergent, I went ahead and made a .pdf download of Soapy Cruiser Boats for you. Go ahead and click HERE for your super soapy Simple Saturday surprise.

Cut out a boat, being careful to cut the triangle part just right. Fill the bowl half full with water. Lay the boat cutout on top of the water. Drop a teeny, tiny speck of detergent inside of the triangle and WHOA! Did you see that? As quick as lightening, our Simple Saturday Soapy Cruiser became a super-sonic-soaperific rocket!

 There now. You have several cutouts on the .pfd download. Repeat the procedure over and over again.

Special Note: You will have to refresh the water each time to repeat the procedure. Just thought you'd like to know.

Have fun....Va-va-va-room!!!!!!!