Simple Saturday: Balloon Racing

Bring in the New Year with one of the most simple yet fun-filled Simple Saturday posts yet. Who needs some expensive, high-tech thing-a-ma-jig to provide hours of belly-laughing entertainment? Set those tangled cords aside for a while, gather up some string, tape , balloons, scissors, and a couple of straws and let the good times roll!

All right....find a place in the house where you can secure two pieces of string parallel, creating a cool suspended String Racetrack. As you can see in the picture, I secured my String Racetrack to the handles of my garage refrigerator. The other end was taped to some stacked boxes.

Slide the straw on the string before securing both ends of the String Racetrack. And, gentlemen, start your engines. We are about to let 'er rip!

Inflate your balloons. Hold that little balloon belly button tightly. Don't let any air escape. At midpoint, tape the balloon to the straw. Both challengers must hold their balloons behind an agreed upon starting line. After announcing, "On your mark! Get set! Go!", release the belly button and let your balloon rocket as far as it can down the String Racetrack.

Woo hoo!!!

And, if you can't beat your Balloon Racing buddy on the String Racetrack, go ahead and give him a few jabs with a Balloon Saber.  

Take that! And that!