Simple Saturday Prep: Magazine Bead Bling

 I mention the word 'bling' and look who shows up...Mr. T, the Father of Bling. He's scowling at me as if to say, "I pity the fool who makes some bling without me."

Chill, T. You're right. We're making some bling tomorrow. You're welcome to join in, if you'd like. Actually, you and your old A Team buds will probably like making a Simple Saturday craft. This stuff is right up y'all's alley.

Here's what you will need to gather up to make Simple Saturday Magazine Bead Bling: a colorful magazine, scissors, Elmers or craft glue, a ruler and  a couple of pencils. An option, one that will add true sparkle to your bling, is nail polish.

So join T and me tomorrow, won't you. We'll have some great fun together.

Maybe enjoying a little craft time together might soften his scowl some. He seems perpetually tense, doesn't he?

I just hope he wears a shirt, don't you?