Simple Saturday: Magazine Bead Bling

So simple to make and stunning to wear. Aren't these Simple Saturday Magazine Beads simply breathtaking? And they can yours for the low, low, low unbeatable price of FREE! Now that's my kind of price.

 Did you gather the items I listed yesterday? The craft glue, scissors, ruler, pencils, yarn, and a brightly colored magazine? Also, remember the optional item to add that additional glimmer to your glamour? The nail polish?

 Okay, follow these few easy step and you, my friend, will be adorning these newsprint gems in no time.

First of all, find a colorful page in the magazine. Then cut an isosceles triangle like the 3 inch one featured on the right Next, lay the base of the paper triangle against the pencil. Roll a little bit of the triangle around the pencil. Now, squirt some glue on the remainder of the triangle and roll, baby, roll.

 Once the sides of the glued paper triangle have adhered, slip the bead off of the pencil while the glue is still wet. Stack the beads upright to dry.

Once the glue has dried the moment has come to add a layer of luminescence...the nail polish. The color of polish I used was rosy clear with a lovely compliment of glitter dust. I think the polish brightened the colors of the newsprint while smoothing out any ridges on the sides of the Simple Saturday Magazine Beads.

Experiment making paper beads with wrapping paper, comics, or construction paper. Also, maybe use red or blue or even black nail polish. That'd be cool, would it?

I am pleased with the way my beads turned out, aren't you?  Subtly sensation!