Simple Saturday Prep: A Dragon's Lair Diorama

Even a fiend, such as this, needs a place to rest his scaly head, wouldn't you say? A place to sip some Malignant Tea and nibble on bloody finger cookies before bedtime? A secluded corner of the world where he can store his propane tanks? A place to get his spark rejuvenated?

Tomorrow, let's make a Simple Saturday Dragon's Lair...only if you dare!

We can go about this a couple of ways, my friend. The ultra-cheap Simple Saturday method or we can spend a tiny bit of money and make a Luxury Lair, if you'd like. (You know...if we make the Luxury Lair old Fire Breath might be inclined to take day off and just chill out a little while. Get it? Chill out. Ha!)

 Gather up some dark-shaded construction paper (big sheets), a drawing of a dragon (traced or free-hand by you - the best kind of drawing in my book!), twigs, rocks, dark scary stuff, glue, scissors, tape...and if you must...a scary plastic dinosaur to double as a dragon.

And maybe some fire-proof gloves...