Simple Saturday: A Dragon's Lair Diorama

This Goofus-McDorkel Dragon could make a home in your pocket with absolutely no trouble at all. The dragon we're fashioning an abode for is of the fire-breathing variety ... Treacherous with a Capital T, right Mikki?

To begin, we need a dragon drawing. Unlike yourself, I am absolutely no artist. That being said, I simply printed out yesterday's Mr. Fire-Breather on the computer. I cannot encourage you enough to draw a dragon yourself. You can do it. Let all of your steamy inhibitions out, and draw away. However, I, my dearest friend, am in a time crunch.

Here you can see the Simple Saturday Dragon's Lair supplies that I gathered up - black construction paper, backyard greenery, shells, scissors, plastic critters, and a print-out of old Mr. Fire Breather. No fire-proof gloves, though. If we work fast, I think I'll be safe.

Remember yesterday when I said Mr. Fire Breather needs his own secluded corner of the Earth? Well, that's exactly what we'll be making...a secluded corner diorama.'s how.

Fold the construction paper in half lengthwise. Make a good crease. Now...fold it in half the other way, making a good crease there, too.

As pictured on the left, cut midway along the lengthwise fold up to the creased fold. Then cut triangular shapes using the midpoint crease as a guide.

Now you're ready to form that scary secluded corner by simply folding the flaps formed by the triangular cuts. Cool, huh?

Go ahead and use one of your spare triangles and make a little top structure on the lair, if you'd like to, and we're in business.

Trim the edges of your dragon drawing, leaving an extended tab at the base of your drawing. Make a snip in your tab much like the one you made to create the corner of your diorama. If you overlap the tab's edges it will stand up more securely in the lair. Tape it to the base of your lair...and beware!

  I went ahead and decorated the edges of my lair with small branches of my backyard plants...bits of oregano and rosemary...shells, tiny plastic lizards, snakes, spiders, and crabs. Dang...I'm getting freaked out just typing this. Look at those teeth! And the yellow eyes. Creep-a-dellic!


But, maybe...since our dragon's lair is overgrown with herbs, such as fresh oregano and rosemary, Old Lizard Lips just might be an herbivore instead of a carnivore. It's possible... Maybe...

Still...I'd stay clear of aerosol cans if I were you.