Simple Saturday: AToad House

 Gotta love these cheerful toads, don't you? Why...the one squatting in the top center looks like a yogini, doesn't he. No...he's a frogini, right? Ommm...

These critters have inspired me to keep it zen and take my old clay pot, a thin paint brush, and some acrylic paints... in the backyard where I can sit beside the peaceful gurgle of our rock fountain and paint.

That's all you do. Paint. Go ahead and decorate that clay pot to your heart's content.

The inspiration for my toad house is an amazing book I've just read entitled The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester written by Barbara O'Connor.   In this book Owen Jester has a pet bull frog named Tooley Graham that Owen it for yourself to find out what happens to Tooley. it. You'll be oh-so-glad you did!

 Anyhow, back to the Simple Saturday Toad House. After you've decorated the house find a shady, buggy, damp, swampy place to conceal your toady structure. I found a nice spot amidst my marigolds. Where are you going to place yours?

See how I layed the decorated clay pot on its side? I also dug in the soil a wee bit to help stabilize the dirt-side of the pot.  I also made a nice little bed of damp mulch inside for my guest....a kind of toad-like red carpet, if you will.

 My Simple Saturday Toad House is complete! Now I wait and hope that some sweet toad like Tooley Graham will move in.

Oh, my! While I was wandering about my backyard communing with nature look at who has come by! A whole troup of toads!!! 

And not just your average, everyday toads, mind you... Look! One's holding a warrior pose... there's one holding the tree pose... The toad inside the house is peacefully resting in the lotus position. Wow! I've got a my own band of backyard yoginis...or rather, toad-inis!

All I can say to that is, "Namaste'."