Simple Saturday Prep: The Amazing Multiplication Memory Game

 Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Diss...

All right then, Albert, tomorrow I am going to show you the simplest of simple ways to memorize the Table of 9's. You won't believe how easy this sucker is.

Today I hung out with these three goofy guys and completely astounded them with this stunt. Okay...maybe astounded might be stretching things a bit...but they were impressed. That's a fair statement.

 So, if you have eight fingers and two thumbs on your hands, then we're in business, pal.

That's long supply list is necessary to have some multiplication fun the Simple Saturday way.

Strange...I feel a bit of Einstein Pressure to be certain to explain this simply enough for you. Hmmm. Check back with me tomorrow and see how I do, won't you? I passed the goof ball test today. Surely Einstein Scrutiny can't be that bad.