Simple Saturday: Apple Teeth

 Somehow I don't think that Edward is stricken with a pointy set of Apple Teeth...but a girl can dream, right?

Now that I have your full attention, did you gather up the goods? An apple, a paring knife, and a mirror? Edward would have to leave the mirror behind, right? Mirrors aren't exactly a vampire's best friend.

 Making apple teeth couldn't be easier. Go ahead and cut that apple into fourths. Now slice a thin piece off of the side of one of those fourths. Make it about the thickness of a human tooth. Cut it about as wide as your own mouth. Getting the picture?

 Now, form some Simple Saturday Apple Teeth in the thin wedge of apple by cutting tiny 'v' shapes in the fruit. Create a daring new dental look. Maybe some oversized eye teeth would be nice.

Next, simply slide your apple dentures under your top lip. Pucker up and you've got yourself a snazzy new set of Apple Teeth. Some that Billy Bob and Bubba would be proud to call their own.

I think John looks pretty darned cool wearing that manly set of Simple Saturday Apple Teeth, don't you?

Edward ain't got nothing on John, right?

Well, like I said earler...a girl can dream, can't she?