Simple Saturday: Spiromania!

 You might think that the items featureed here are simply a .pdf print out, some colored pencils and an every-day-old-ruler. Oh, could not be more mistaken. What you see here are the elements required to enable hours and hours of spiromaniac fun.

And here's how you do it!

Download and print the .pdf called Simple Saturday Circle of Fun!

Here I chose a 12 dot-distant pattern.

Begin your Spiromania drawing by choosing a dot for a starting point. Your design is created by connecting dots that are equal dot-distant apart. So, decide on the number of dots you'd like to establish your spiro pattern. Use your ruler to guide you and draw a line connecting your dots. There! You're established your unique Simple Saturday Spiromania pattern.

Okay, now shift your ruler one dot to the right of your first and second dots and draw another line.


And repeat.

And repeat...

And then...guess what?

Repeat until all of the dots have been connected twice!

Will you check this out? This Spiromania drawing is so blooming cool!

Why stop now? Let's spiff up our drawing by coloring in the triangles and trapezoids created by the dot-connecting-lines.

Rulers. Geometric terminology. Measurement. Quantitative awareness. Teachers, can you smell some teachable moments? I do.

Pals, get creative with this, won't you? Here I made one a 15 dot-distant-alternating-pencil-color-pattern. Cool, huh?

Once I got into it, I just couldn't stop myself. I went ahead and added another layer using a 5-dot-distant-solid-color pattern onto my original pattern. 

Alas, the time has come for me to gather up my pencils and put away my ruler. Double-dot-drat! Making Simple Saturday Spiromania drawings are so much fun I just hate to stop.