Simple Saturday: Friendship Bracelets

You just have to grin when looking at these three happy sun-worshippers, don't you? I have no idea who these BFF's are. I just like the smiles on their faces. They look like the type that would make Simple Saturday Friendship bracelets for each other, don't you think?

Speaking of bracelets, did you get the 3 colors of embroidery thread, scissors and tape? Okay then, let's give these giddy gals something to giggle about!

Cut a long piece of each thread color. How long, you ask? Well, for our first practice run, I'd cut each piece about 2 feet long. Once you get really good at making these you can cut longer pieces of thread. For now, let's keep it short...okay?

Group your threads together. Fold them in half and tie a knot near the halfway spot loop. Secure the loop to your tabletop with a piece of tape. Now we're ready for the fun part.

Choose one color to begin knotting with. This thread is called the, eh? As you can see, I chose the blue thread for my first knotters. Smooth the other two colored threads together like I did with my yellow and red threads. These straightened threads are called fillers.

See how I layed the blue thread in a 'u' over my red and yellow threads? You go ahead and do that with your knotter.

 Now, tuck that knotter thread inside that loop you formed with the 'u'. See? Like I did?

Then carefully tie what is called a half hitch by tightening your loop around the fillers. Bring the knotter all the way to the original big loop. Smooth it flat and you, my friend, have made your first half-hitch knot! Woo Hoo!

Okay now...I made 5 half-hitch knots in a row with my blue thread. Then, I decided that I wanted to change knotter color from blue to red. It's easier than you think. Trust me.

All I did was join the blue thread with the yellow thread, making them both the fillers now. Then, with my red thread, I made the 'u' loops, tucked the thread into the 'u' loop, and tightened the half-hitch knot. In short, I simply repreated the process with my red thread. No problem...right?

After making 5 knots with my red thread, I repeated the whole banana with my yellow thread! Can you see how the pattern is created? Easy enough, right?

 After you've had success making a few shorter bracelets you're ready to graduate to the longer version. I'm busy making a longer one as we speak.

However, I tried to tie my practice Simple Saturday short bracelet on Tripod, but he was having none of it. Though brokenhearted, I told him in the most aloof tone I could muster, "Be that way, dog. Be that way."

He answered me with a long, wet lick.

Yuck! That's a dawg for you.

Anyhow, click on this link to see the long bracelet that I made for my bestest buddy in the world...YOU!

Now, go out there and have a super Simple Saturday, pal, and I'll see you back here next weekend.