Simple Saturday Prep: A Spider Web Hunt

I am eternally fascinated with the magical qualities of spider webs, aren't you? So fragile, yet so strong.

Well, I've had my eye on a busy spider who has nested in one of my backyard flower pots, marveling at how industrious that little critter is. If a rainstorm wipes out his sticky problem...he's back at it in no time rebuilding that thing. That is why I feel tomorrow's activity will not ultimately harm the little guy. Oh...he might tap one of his eight appendages in a little spidey huff. Don't worry. He'll get over it.

So, for tomorrow's Simple Saturday activity here's what you need...a sheet of black construction paper, some hairspray, and a spider web.

If you'd like to do a fun follow up activity go ahead and get yourself another sheet of black construction paper and a white pencil or piece of chalk. 

I'd best be going. I have to find out why, for some frustrating reason, my website will not let me upload photos.

Maybe it has a bug in it.

Ooooo...what if there's a spider in there? Yikes.