Simple Saturday: A Spider Web Hunt

 One very important thing to remember about hunting for spider webs is to spend some quiet time observing our eight-legged friend. Admire how tenacious he is, and so patient. Wow. They're amazing creatures.

Let's gather up our supplies - the black construction paper and hairspray - and head out to the backyard where a busy little creature has woven several webs on one of my flower pots. Smart fellow, isn't he?

Notice in the picture that I also grabbed a white pencil and an extra sheet of construction paper? The follow up activity...remember? 

Let's go out in the backyard, shall we? I'll show you a really cool web.

Can you see it?

Look close.



Well, trust me. It's there.

Now, spray your black construction paper with your hairspray. Make it good and sticky.

Next, lay the sticky construction paper right on top of the spider web. Be bold. Lay it right on top. Hold the construction paper still for a few seconds giving the web a chance to adhere to it.

Okay...carefully lift the construction paper and look! The web has stuck to it! It is very hard to see those lovely, thin silky threads in this picture, but they are there...Gorgeous.

 And, for the follow up activity, grab the other sheet of black construction paper and white pencil, sit yourself down and watch little ol' Spidy rebuild the web.

 That's all there is to it. Easy peasy, right?

I do hope that throughout the summer you often spend time in nature. Take walks. Observe bugs. Lay on your backs in the thick, lush grass and just lose yourself in cloud watching.

Remember, simple things are the best!