Simple Saturday: Pizza Swan

 Let's make a swan sans feathers, shall we? All that is needed is a leftover piece of pizza and a sizable piece of foil. What size, you ask? Oh...about 18 inches or so will do just fine.

Before we go any further, I have to give credit when credit is due. My daughter taught me how to make pizza swans. You see, these featherless creatures are tricks of her trade. Rock on, Homeslice. Rock on!

Let's begin. Cut an 18 inch-ish piece of foil from the roll. (Doesn't that pizza look just yum?)

Lay the pizza with space between the crust and the end of the foil strip measuring about 1/4 of the strip.

Working from the pizza point, fold the foil alongside the sliced edge of the pizza. Repeat this folding procedure along the opposite side of the slice. Now you've got a nice moldable strip of foil extending beyond the point.

 So, just bend and shape that remaining strip of foil into a swan's lovely neck, head, and beak. The remaining foil fanned out at the rear crustside won't go to waste...don't worry. Simply crease the foil upward, fan it out and....wha-la! You have made a swan tail.

  Notice the swan-like similarities?

Now that we've finished, let's talk about dinner. What are you in the mood for?

Me? You guessed it!