Simple Saturday: Sunshine Picasso

 All we need for hours and hours and hours of summertime fun is a hot sidewalk, a bucket of water, a cheapo paintbrush and thee!

The trick with this project is to work    f-a-s-t! Just paint with water on the sidewalk. That is it! You can't go wrong, either. If you're not pleased with the final product, just wait a few seconds and your sidewalk canvas will come clean in no time!

My little next door neighbor friend got in on the action. I have to tell you, she just could-not-STOP! Check out her snazzy Picasso-like techniques.

She started small with a clever self portrait.

After a little while her inner artist took over! She discovered that her canvas was as limitless as my driveway and she took full advantage of the unending space. Oh, was absolutely endearing to watch her fully engage in the utter simplicity of this activity. Truly. 

 I chuckled she ran to reload her brush with water in effort to extend her artistic line. My sweet friend had to hurry because she knew that the linear expression of her Inner Picasso was short lived. Soon the sun would erase its essence and she would have to start all over, once again.

Oh, well...what the hey? Its only water, sunshine, a pleasurable moment, and joyful youthful artistic expression...essential elements of a happy child enjoying the delights of a summer day...right?

Parents, let's strive to balance simplicity and complexity this summer, shall we? Shut down the electronics for a little while and enjoy the simplest of things...water, sunshine, demonstrated by my neighbor...the charming nature of your precious child.

Let's have a super Simple Saturday summer, what do you say? The best ever!