Simple Saturday Prep: Puppy Puppetry

Check out my two-legged hunk-dawg's fuzzy knee in the picture.Meet my precious three-legged dawg, Tripod.

Just look at the sweet face... The jaunty drooping of his drooling tongue. The playful, fun-loving sparkle in his amber eyes. The slick, steady stream of saliva dripping from the corner of his smiling mouth. Ahhh...puppy love. How could such magnificence ever be duplicated? Well, tomorrow we'll try our best to do so.

To make a paper puppy puppet (Say that 5 times real fast. That phrase is a lip-bouncer!) you'll need some construction paper, glue sticks, and scissors...that's all.

I'm not sure what we'll use to replicate Tripod's saliva stream, though. Do you have any ideas?

So, my dear Simple Saturday friend, I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. Until then, a hearty arrrooooo to you!