Simple Saturday: Paper Puppy Puppetry

Though replicating the pure beauty of my pup's face is a task that measures near impossible to complete, let's give it our best...shall we?

You have gathered the simple Simple Saturday list of supplies...right? The construction paper, the glue stick, and scissors? Okay, we're ready to begin. The paper puppy puppet instructions could not be simpler. Let's get to it.

Working lengthwise on a piece of paper, fold the paper in thirds.  Overlap the folds brochure-style. When finished, you should have one long piece of folded construction paper.

Next, working horizontally, fold the long narrow piece of folded paper in an accordion fashion. (If you're not sure what the heck in an accordion fashion means check out the picture to the right.) After doing this you have successfully created pockets to slip your fingers and thumb in, allowing for ultimate puppet control-age.

Now you simply cut out and glue eyes, a nose, some floppy ears, and a long-lapping tongue to your paper puppy puppet. And that is all there is to it, my friend. It's all over but the lickin'.

I do have to give a big shout out to Kate who suggested for me to use glue and glitter to create that unforgetable saliva stream all of us dog-lovers know so well. Kate gave this slobbering phenomena a name. She calls it "magical pet nectar." That's a new one.

You know what I think? Perhaps Kate has been tickled by the puppy love virus harder than I have.

Could this be true?