Simple Saturday: Magic Wand Making

This poor fellow looks as if he's holding the short end of the magic stick, doesn't he? Well, we won't suffer the same fate after crafting a stick full of surprises...our very own magic wand. Just watch this!

Even though the materials I asked you gather might seem like everyday, ordinary stuff...the tape, construction paper, pencil, ruler, scissors, and (shhh) a straight pin... oh, contraire, my fellow Houdinis...nothing is ordinary when you believe in the unlimited possibilities of magic!

Let's get right to it.  Working lengthwise on the construction paper, measure 3 inches from the edge. Cut a long three inch strip of construction paper.

Next, for the wand's tips, measure 1 inch wide strips of the contrasting color of construction paper.

Now for the super simple magic wand assembly. All you have to do is wrap the long piece of construction paper around a pencil, forming a tube. Using tape, secure the long edge of the paper together. Remove the pencil from the inside of the tube.

Repeat this process to make the magical tips. Wrap...tape...and you're ready for a little bit of hocus pocus, my friends.

Speaking of a little hocus pocus...I wonder what clever Mr. John is up to now. Notice how he is holding the wand? With his hand wrapped around the wand? Just an ordinary everyday, homemade Simple Saturday magic wand, right?

At this point, let's add a touch of bippety-bobbity boo and POOF!

Wow! Will you look at that?! John is opening his hand and the magic wand is mysteriously suspended in air!'s magic! Or is it?

You know it's only because you and I are pals I will tell you the secret of this trick. Keep this secret tucked under your top hats. Tell no one. Pinkie promise? 

Remember the secret straight pin I asked for you to gather? Well, before John performed the trick, I stuck it in the middle of the long tube. Look at the picture to the right. See how I did it? John had the straight pin wedged between his fingers when he wrapped his closed hand around the center of the Simple Saturday magic wand. When he extended his hand wide, the straight pin remained wedged between his fingers. Because the paper tube weighs very little, it looks like it is suspended in air. Ooo...creepy, huh?

You might want to practice the pin-wedge technique before performing for a crowd. The wand has been known to top over at times. If that happens to you, my suggestion is to squeeze those fingers together and show that wand who's boss!

All for now. Have an abracadara-ly delightful day.