Simple Saturday: Springtime Binoculars

Every good nature lover needs a pair of nocks, right? Let's make our own right here and now.

I'm certain that you have gathered all the goods, right? Yarn, 2 toilet paper rolls, construction paper, a bottle cap, glue, tape, electric tape...most of which are Simple Saturday staples.

All right, let's cover the rolls with construction paper cut to fit those round cylinders. Then let's glue the construction paper covered tubes together, side by side. Easy enough.

To make our binoculars look authentic, we need one of those little gauges to adjust the focus. Actually those little doo-hickeys are called the Focus Wheel. I just squirted a blob of glue and stuck mine in between the tubes.

While you're at it, go ahead and poke some holes near the eye holes, or the Ocular Lens, securing the ends of a long piece of yarn to create a groovey neck band.

I jazzed my nocks up a bit by wrapping some black electrical tape around the sides and near the lens forming what is called a Diopter Adjustment. How about that for some fancy-schmancy binocular lingo? Don't you think my Diopter Adjustment addition looks cool?

We're pals, right? I made a mistake. I actually should have put my Focus Wheel closer to the Ocular Lens rather than the holes you look out of that are called the Objective Lens. My bad. But when John tried my Simple Saturday Springtime Binoculars out he said that they worked just fine.

For more fun with real binoculars download this Bruton Binocular Basics Instructor Activity Guide I found on the internet. Dude, there are three really fun activities described on is a scavenger hunt! Dang...I'm on it. Got to go!

Have a super Simple Saturday. I'll see you (Get it?...See you?...Heh, heh.) next week.