Simple Saturday: Cinco de Mayo Cinnamon Treats

Chico the Chihuahua has been sniffing around my kitchen ever since I posted the Simple Saturday plans for today. Poor little perro...He can join us, can't he?

So..mi gathered the goods, right? The flour tortillas? The oil and the skillet? How about the paper towels? You didn't forget the delicious cinnamon and sugar mix...did you? I went ahead and mixed mine in an empty salt shaker. Easier to over-sprinkle with, compadre.

You know what, my fine friend? It would be best to have an adult very nearby while making these tasty treats. We'll be using hot oil and Chico and I would be ever so sad if you sizzle your salsa while toasting your tortilla.  Go ahead and flamingo some grown up help to assure that all is muy bueno when we cook these yummy cinnamon delights.

All right, let's go. Crank up the heat to warm that skillet big time. Pour just enough oil in the skillet to coat the skillet. Drop the triangular cut pieces of flour tortillas into the hot oil. Watch them closely. When the flour tortilla swells open with an airy bubble, it is time to flip it over in the skillet.

Watch the triangular pieces closely. Once again, the flipped side should be turning golden brown as well as forming a bubble pocket similar to that of a sopapilla (if you know that a sopapilla is...).

When you feel like your triangular tortilla has bubbled all that it can, remove it from the skillet and place it on the paper towels. And then DUMP the cinnamon and sugar mix all over the puppies. Go head. Cover those chihuahaus with the sinful cinnamon stuff.

Behold one of our South of the Border delights.  I just wish that you could smell the toasted richness of this tiny triangle of  pleasure. If only you could closely observe the way the cinnamon and sugar sparkles like starlight on the toasted flour tortilla.

And, oh....I do wish that you could taste the buttery sweetness of the warm flour tortilla triangle as it crunches in your mouth.

You know, come to think of it... I'm actually a little glad you're not here with me right now. Since you aren't, there is more for me to eat! Crunch. Crunch!

Adios, mi Simple Saturday amigo. Until we meet again...