Simple Saturday: The Popsicle Stick Raft's the deal...if you child has not ever made a simple popsicle stick raft such as this one, my friend, that is a crying shame. If that is the case, let's fix this travesty right here and now!

All we need is a fistful of popsicle sticks, glue, maybe a bit of tape, a tiny triangular piece of paper, and maybe some markers to jazz up the flag a little bit. I am telling you, oh-all-too-busy-friend-of-mine, it is simple pleasures such as this that create indelibly pleasant memories in the hearts and minds of a child. Take the time...10 minutes...and you'll create a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Believe me. I'm old. I know what I'm talking about.

To begin, vertically lay a few popsicle sticks a flat surface in side by side, touching one another. Then simply lay and glue popsicle sticks horizontally parallel on top of the vertical base. Glue side and joints together and you, my friend, have made a raft! It is that simple.

Let's snazzy it up by unfurling a flag. Mine sadly look like a golf course pin marker. Pretty pathetic, don't you think? You can do a whole lot better...I just know it.

Well, let's set sail, shall we? I wonder if our Simple Saturday vessel will survive the wild and wooly waves of my backyard stone fountain...Let's try it and see.

Land ho!!! Though the seas were rough and rocky (heh, heh) we endured.

Both the Old Man of the Sea and Captain Ahab would be proud.

Yo ho, maties. See you next week!