Simple Saturday Prep: Rolling Down the Lazy River

This week's Simple Saturday post is dedicated to my dear friends at White Rock Montessori in the great city of Dallas, Texas. You see, the middle-schoolers have just returned from their hugely anticipated annual adventure trip, one in which they must put aside their electronic gadgets and gizmos for one whole week and survive in the rugged, great out-of-doors, far, far from home as a cohesive, peaceful, cooperative community of teenagers...yeah, right....I know those kids all too well...and they are sensational!!!!!!

So, to celebrate their return home, let's make a popsicle stick raft. How simple can it get? Well, tomorrow I'll show you.

Gather up some popsicle sticks (Kiddies, tell your moms that you just HAVE to eat whole box of popsicles. You just have to. You need the sticks. Go know how to add that whine inflection with practiced perfection! Uh huh, I've heard it more times than I can count.), glue, tape, markers, and a tiny bit of paper.

We won't be traveling to Big Bend to drift in our vessels. A nice puddle in the backyard will have to do.