Simple Saturday: A Basket in Search of a Bunny

Oh, darn...Sure, this rabbit is cute, but isn't exactly the bunny I had hoped to find. Let's make a basket together and then I'll hunt for the bunny of my Easter dreams.

I trust that you have gather the materials we need, right? The two pieces of construction paper, tape, scissors, and Easter grass/shredded paper? Super! Easter bunny, here we come!

To begin, cut the construction paper into 1 inch strips. Align three strips together side-by-side, flat on the table. Then weave three strips into the original one aligned flat on the table. Hey! You formed a nice square base for your basket!

Now make a nice upward fold with the long strips to create a frame for the sides of your basket. Go ahead. Make a nice, defined crease. Also, I strongly suggest that you tape your weave pattern together on the bottom part of the base. If not, those derned strips will slide around everywhere!

Now, let's weave the sides side of the Easter basket. I'd secure the loose strip with a piece of tape on the inside of your treasure and then weave, baby, weave. Three nice woven rows make a dandy basket...the perfect size for the bunny I have in mind! we must put the finishing touches on our lovely basket. See those upward strips that ended up on the outside weave? Okay...fold them over toward the inside of the basket and tuck the end into the horizontal weave. Secure it with a piece of tape.  It is all right to trim the inside upward strip along the basket's rim.

Super! Now simply tape a handle onto the basket, securing the handle ends on the inside rim. Add some Easter grass or some Simple Saturday cheapskate shredded a paper and you have got yourself a charming little Easter basket. Hooray for you!!!!

The word on the bunny trail is that rabbits love pansies. So, I'm going to tiptoe my Simple Saturday Easter basket out into my backyard flower garden and ever-so-sneakily nestle it in a lush patch of white ones.

Oh, yeah....that's the type of bunny I'm talking about. Yum, yum!

Hoppy Easter, my Simple Saturday friend. I'm looking forward to seeing you back here next week.