Simple Saturday: Sweet Heart Art

Here we go, oh-thoughtful-ones. Did you remember to gather the contrasting colored construction paper, ruler, pencil, glue stick, and scissors? Of course you did. All you need now is the cutting guide template .pdf, right? Well, here it is.

All rightie then, let's begin.

Cut one piece of construction paper to measure 5 X 8 inches. Using the cutting guide template, cut along the lines outlining half of the heart shape.

Trace the half heart shape onto the pre-cut construction paper. Now...cut on the lines that you or your precious child have drawn.

Creative Side Bar here: Over the years (way too many years, mind you...) I have found this this sort of snippage to be excellent for the development of concentration, coordination, and the refinement of fine motor skills in wee ones.

Let's create a heart using negative space by gluing the smaller half-heart shape on the constrasting colored sheet of construction paper. Then meet end points of each piece by flipping the larger piece and the smaller piece in an opposing manner. (Say what? Just look at the picture.) 

Lovely...lovely...lovely. An easy-peasy Simple Saturday Mother's Day giftie, wouldn't you say?

If you should desire to create a more elaborate Simple Saturday Sweet Heart Art design, once again, go ahead and download the teacher guide I created for Kelly Bennett's Your Daddy Was Just Like You.  Check out page 14 and...well...go ahead and send a pic of your child's artistic expressions to me, knowing that it will light up my life like a radiant beacon of red hot, sweet heart joy!