Simple Saturday: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Writing

The Wizard of Oz gang is here to Rainbow Write with us. Isn't that great? Each one has come to spell out their deepest desires. I'll share my wipe-off board and markers with them. After all they've come such a long, long way skipping along that winding yellow brick road through that snoozy poppy field. Heck, they even battled a fleet of flying monkeys to have to chance to spend Simple Saturday with us.

Supplies, anyone? I'm using a wipe off board and dry erase markers. How about you?Let's get on with it, shall we? Let's Rainbow Write!

The Cowardly Lion wants to go first. Remember what he wanted? Courage.

Okay, to begin Rainbow Writing print a word in one color. Make your letters big now. Make those letters sizable and neat. They're going to be supporting a rainbow of colors, you know.

See how I wrote the lion's desire? 'Courage' is neatly written in black.

All right now, to Rainbow Write, choose a another color and trace over each letter of the word. After you've rewritten the word in a color, say red, chose another color to rewrite the word with. Do it again. Trace over the letters with another color--blue, for instance. Repeat the process over and over again until the word is written in letter rainbows! Isn't this simple? And fun?

Let's let the Tin Man have a turn. Remember what he wanted?

That's right. He wanted a heart.

Next is the Scarecrow (my favorite character). What was it he asked the Wizard for? You guessed it. A brain. Something that he seemed to have within himself all along, right? 

And lastly, what was Dorothy wishing for as she click, click, clicked the heels of her ruby slippers together? Remember?

Home. She wanted to go home. Even though that was the very place she had run away from in the beginning, the silly girl. But, if she hadn't run away in the first place, there would be no story at all, would there?

You know, I have to agree with Dorothy's logic. She's right. There is no place like home, especially on Simple Saturday. No place I'd rather be than home Over the Rainbow Writing with you and the Oz gang!