Simple Saturday Prep: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Writing

Tomorrow's activity is suited for young ones who are learning how to write their names or older ones who are practicing spelling patterns in hopes of acing the weekly spelling test. Judy Garland's going to join us. To To is, too!

Here's what you need to gather up. A big piece of easel-sized paper and a bunch of markers, a rainbow of colors. I am going dip into my writing workshop supplies and grab my 11 x 17 sized wipe-off board and a handful of colorful dry erase markers. Now don't go out and buy anything special. Remember this is a Simple Saturday activity and we do everything on the cheap. You can use the side of a cardboard box if you like. All we need is a fairly large area to write on and a rainbow of colors.

Oh, and you might want to keep a bucket of water nearby in case the Wicked Witch shows up. She has a scary way of ruining a good time, you know.

We'll melt her in her tracks.