Simple Saturday Prep: The Magic 9 Slays the Division Demon

Ready for the best math cheat ever? You'll especially love this one if you consider long division to be something invented by the Devil!

Have your eyes ever crossed when the teacher instructs you to prove your answer for a long division problem such as:

19515392 / 2932 = 6656

I know what you're saying....Yeah, right? And I thought Simple Saturday stuff was supposed to be fun! Problems like that makes my belly ache.

Or what about a long division problem like this?

19520092368 / 24923 = 783216

Trust me, pal. The secret to our long division struggles is a game called The Magic 9. Tomorrow bring a piece of paper, a pencil, and your brilliant self and I'll show the math trick of the AGES!!!!

The Magic 9 is painless. Easy. Fun. For real!