Simple Saturday Prep: Easter Lily Necklaces

Indulge me, won't you, my dear friend, as I share a profoundly moving poem my beloved father recited each and every single Spring his was living. EACH and EVERY Spring, mind you! Here goes...

Spring has sprung.

The grass has rizz.

I wonder where

the birdies is. 

Pretty incredible, eh? That being said, I'd like to dedicate this week's activity to my pop, Charlie Beck.

Help me celebrate the birdies' arrival and the rizzing of spring-time grass by making an Easter Lily Necklace with me tomorrow, won't you? The supplies you'll need are one empty styrofoam egg carton, scissors, a few plastic drinking straws, some yarn, and some tape. That's all!

We'll make something lovely enough to wear with your Sunday best on Easter morning! 

See you tomorrow!!!!