Simple Saturday Prep: Let's Play Makayla!!!

Hurry up...scramble the rest of those eggs. Empty out that egg carton. We need it to play a really fun game called Makayla!!! That's right. Clear out that egg carton and bring it with you tomorrow and I'll teach you how to play a game that will give you hours of Simple Saturday fun.

Also, along with the carton you'll need to gather up some small objects. You'll need find 18 of one type and 18 of another. For example, you might want to find 18 buttons and 18 beads, or 18 pennies and 18 noodles, or 18 small stones and 18 acorns.

Hey, let's do this in true Simple Saturday style! Let's have a super great time playing a fun game and not spend a single cent doing so! 

Ya hooo!!!