Simple Saturday: Makayla - Pennies vs. Washers!

You don't scare me, you big brut!Ready for big Makayla showdown? Pennies/me vs. washers/John? Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!

Game supplies....couldn't be simpler.Behold Makayla supplies, in the truest of Simple Saturday egg carton, 18 pennies and 18 washers. To create the game board, simply cut the top and side flap off of the carton. Let the battle begin!

Place 3 of your objects in each egg cup. See how I've placed my pennies down one row and John has placed his washers down the other?

Menacing, eh?


I'm first, naturally. I pick up a group of 3 pennies and, beginning at the cup to the right of my starting point, drop one penny at a time, moving to the right, towards John's washers. As I move, I drop one object in each consecutive cup. I start on my side of the carton and then move to John's. Because my last penny landed in John's first cup of washers, that means that I can scoop up his three washers for my See my last penny on top of John's washers? Got em!own. Ha! Take that!

That's the way you move around and around and around the board. You place an object in each consecutive cup beginning to the right of the cup with which you began. When your last object happens to land in a cup with some of your opponent's objects in it, they're yours! It is all about creating a strategy for your last object in your series to land in a cup filled with some of your partner's playing pieces.  

Now it is John's turn. He follows my plan and takes three of my washers. That's okay, I'll get him back. And so it goes, around the egg carton game board we go. He gets a few of mine. I get a lot more of his.

Poor John...he's all washed up. Get it? Washed up?And in the end, I am the victor!! I have scooped up all of John's washers. I'm the last penny standing!!!!

I'm the Makayla champion of the world!!!

Oh, John...don't be sore loser.  

Come on.

Let's play again. You can go first this time.