Simple Saturday-Cupid's Favorite: Hershey's Chocolate Roses

As we go through the steps of making chocolate roses, I encourage you to think of that ever-so-special someone that you are creating these for.  Think about the many good qualities your sweet one has. Think about the times that they made you laugh, helped you when you were know...all that lovie-dovie stuff. And if you do think about these things while we work together then maybe, just maybe, all of those 'love thoughts' will become part of this Simple Saturday gift you're making for them...Maybe.

Let's begin. Got the supplies? The Saran Wrap, the florist wire, the florist, tape, the Hershey's Kisses, and the optional silk leaf? 

Okay, tear off an approximently 6 inch piece of Saran Wrap. Cut that larger piece in half.

Next, place the flat sides of two Hershey's together. Your rose bud is beginning to bloom, my friend.

Cover the 'bud' with a piece of Saran Wrap. You'll need to gather a tail of wrap underneath the bud. Go ahead and twist that tail of Saran Wrap to make it look like the tightly wrapped end of a cellophane covered piece of candy.

Fold a wire in half (Hint: I used 20 gauge wire. Easier on the fingers. You'll see why in a minute. Keep thinking those good thoughts...). At the half mark of the wire, twist around the Saran Wrap tail. Make your wire twist pretty firm, as close to the bottom of the bud as you can. You don't want a wilted rose bud, do you?

Here comes the tricky part...the florist tape. The secret to getting the tape to adhere to itself as you wrap around the wire stem is to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the tape. When you stretch it, the tape gets sticky and gummy...good stuff for rose making. So, go ahead, stretch and twist, stretch and twist, wrap that tape all the way to the ends of your wire.

All right, if you want to add a silk leaf go ahead and do so. Secretly, between you and me, pal, I didn't buy my silk leaf at the craft store. I snipped mine off of a kitchen flower arrangement. Shhh. Don't tell.

So there you have them...Chocolate Roses! Aren't they gorgeous?

 Who did you think about while we made these? You know who I did? YOU! I thought about how grateful I am that you spent a little bit of a Simple Saturday with me! Thank you for that and bless you, my Simple Saturday friend.

Have a love-filled Valentines Day. Make Cupid envious!