Simple Saturday Prep: Balloon Racing

 Hurrah! Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new year!!!!! I love to celebrate the bright new beginning of a new year, filled with promise and possibilities, don't you?

Honestly, although 2010 was a bit of a challenge for me, so many great things happened. I made throngs of new friends and most of my 2010 days were filled with love and laughs. But I am geared up and ready to begin the New Year, aren't you? I just know that 2011 is going to be great that I want to race right to it!

Tomorrow let's do just that. Let's have some New Years Day fun and balloon race to the first day of the new year. Want to? For racing gear you'll need some string, some balloons, tape, straws, and your own own bag of hot air. Super! Let's do it.

Ready to join me?

On your mark!

Get set!