Simple Saturday: Faux Fall Leaves

 This week's Simple Saturday is brought to you by your local, friendly, and down-right yummy Cracker Barrel Restaurant. You see, they totally bailed me out for this project by giving me a kiddie box of crayons. Thanks, CB!

All right! Let's show Mother Nature our season-changing moxie. What do you say?

I forgot to mention that you'd best add a small bowl to the list of supplies I gave you yesterday - the cheese grater, some crayons, waxed paper, newspaper, a hanger, some string, and an iron.

To begin, peel the paper off of the crayons and grate them like you would if you were shredding carrots.

Warning! This part of the project is a wee bit messy. Don't say I didn't tell you so.

 Then take your happy self to the ironing board. (I had to put out a serious A.P.B. for my ironing board. I can't remember the last time I used it.) Heat up the iron on a low setting. Lay out a section on newspaper.  Tear off a square of waxed paper and lay it on the newpaper lining one side of the waxed paper alongside the newspaper fold.

Careful here, my little leaflet. Messy alert!

Spread the grated crayon bits out evenly on the waxed paper. Tear off another square piece of waxed paper and cover the crayon bits with it. Fold the creased half of the newspaper over the stacked pieces of waxed paper. Slowly move iron over the folded newspaper keeping in mind that you are spreading the warm bits of crayons between the sheets of waxed paper.

 Once you've smoothed the melted color between the waxed paper sheets as much as possible go ahead and turn off the iron and let the crayon blob cool. Once all is cool, cut out some leaf shapes. Poke a hole in the waxed paper-crayon leaf stem and run a piece of string through it. Tie the other end of the string to a hanger and -- Jumpin' Jiminies, Bubba! --you have made some Simple Saturday Faux Fall Leaves! Look how mine shimmer in the moon-light. Simply Simple Saturday sensational!!

  You know what? All this season-changing work has made me hungry. How about you? Let's head out to the Barrel and get us a piece of pecan pie and a cup of coffee. Are you in?

While we're there and if you're  lucky, I'll let you beat me in a rockin' game of checkers.