Simple Saturday Prep: Faux Fall Leaves

All around the country leaves are showing off their autumn brilliancy...everywhere except for where I live. Bah-humbug.

Well...that whine isn't entirely true. The scrawny elm in my backyard is beginning to make a weak attempt at showing it's fall colors. I'll give it props for the effort, at least.

But...hey...I'm tired of waiting for the colors. I want some leaves to show their stripes right here and now! I'm anxious enough to take the season in my own hands! Tomorrow let's make some Faux Fall Leaves a la Simple Saturday. You with me?

Here's the list of supplies we need: crayons, waxed paper, newspaper, an iron, a cheese grater, some string, and a wire hanger.

Gather up the goods and we'll take the change of the seasons into our own hands!

Take that, Mother Nature!