Simple Saturday Prep: Daisy Chain

This week's post will be short and super sweet. Short because I have a mound of Thanksgiving dishes yet to clean up (and a sliver of pecan pie to nibble upon). And sweet because this post is inspired by a delightful picture book that I'm currently making a guide for....Your Mommy Was Just Like You, written by my dear friend Kelly Bennett. The book is coming out in 2011 and, y'all, it is darling!!!

So, I'm studying the text and the illustrations, right, searching for inspiration to make a craft or two and what do I spy but a charming picture of a precious little brunette busily stitching a flower chain garland to use a decoration for her cardboard box secret hideout! So I say, "Aha! All we need to make a daisy chain are some live flowers and some scissors. Heck, let's do it tomorrow."

Then I took my happy self to Sam's and bought a bouquet of daisy mums to use as a Thanksgiving Day centerpiece. The yellow blooms featured in the china creamer above are the ones I set aside just for YOU!

 I truly hope your Thanksgiving Day celebration was as blessed as mine. See you tomorrow. Gobble, gobble.