Simple Saturday: Daisy Chains

Click on the picture for the Indiebound link I feel a teeny-tiny bit sheepish about today's craft inspired by Kelly Bennett's newest book because you can't even buy it until March 2011. Believe me, dear ones, it is worth the wait.

I told you that I felt a teeny-tiny bit sheepish. Not sheepish enough though...let's get started making a daisy chain, shall we? You've got the flowers and scissors, right? (Hope you don't mind if a sip a little coffee while we craft.)

To begin, cut a daisy's stem about 3 inches long. Next, using a fingernail or the scissor's sharp tip, poke a hole in the stem. And then slip the stem of another trimmed daisy stem through that newly poked hole. Repeat the process over and over until either your chain becomes the desired length or you run out of flowers, like I did.

 I have to be honest with you, though I am pleased with the project's end result, the daisy mum stems were a bit stiff to work with. Truly, the best flowers to manipulate are those of regular daisies and good old fashioned clover blossoms.

 Thanks for bearing with me. I know this post featuring daisy mums was a bit off-seasoned in theme. Allow me, if you will, to offer this link as restitution...a Thanksgiving greeting from my granddaughter and myself to you!

Happy holidays!