Simple Saturday Prep: Holiday Writing With a Flair

 I know what the Post-Thanksgiving-Holiday-Return-To-The-Classroom duldrums are like, my dear teacher friends. Oh...yes. I understand your plight. I truly do.

 Well, fear not! Tomorrow I'll be tossing you a literary lifesaver created by a brilliant new friend of mine, Darcy Pattison.

I don't want to say too much about it now...I don't want to spoil the Simple Saturday suspense factor. 

But before you begin to baste your turkey and bake those pies, you'll want to download the .pdf I'll be sending you tomorrow. Get set for 5 great writing lessons implementing 34 different writing skills starring a holiday line-up of characters to beat the band! Best of all, you'll have some literary tricks up your sleeves to use when the kiddos return to school post Thanksgiving Holiday...just when you need them!