Simple Saturday Prep: Body Paint

Parents! Teachers! Grammies! This week's Simple Saturday activity is Super Simple with a capital SS! This one is perfect for those long, isolated days when there is nothing to do. It's cheap, creative, and washable!!!!

For supplies you'll need some hand lotion, food coloring, Q Tips, and tissues. I have a little paint mixing tray to mix my body paint in. You might like to snag a few of those small ketchup cups from your favorite fast food joint. Keeping it on the cheap.

Special note: I first used this activity years ago in an art program I directed. We had a blast, I have to say. Imagine, if you will, seventy-five bathsuit-clad preschoolers enjoying a free-for-all body painting session. From nose to toes ... body paint and squeals abounded.

Good times.