Simple Saturday: Body Paint

Behold  my Simple Saturday Body Painted left hand! Rather than opting to play a rousing game of Connect the Age Spots, I decided to paint a heart just for you...because I love you so.

Here's all you have to do to make your very own artist's palette of Simple Saturday Body Paints. Remember the supply list? The hand lotion, small mixing cup/tray, Q Tips, food coloring, and tissues?

Okay, squirt a generous blob of lotion into the tiny cup. Add just a drop of food coloring to it. (Hint! Too much food coloring may be hard to wash off!) Mix well and...ta da...there you have it! Simple Saturday Body Paint!

Dip those Q Tips in the paint and create something special, all the while keeping the tissues handy. Mama, the nice thing about this type of body paint is that is wipes off easily, clearing your child's flesh-toned canvas for more artistic expression. hand feels silky Simple Saturday smooth. Can't say that Simple Saturday Body Paint does much for age spots, though. Drat!