Simple Saturday: The Word Bottle

I had such a blast making my Simple Saturday Word Bottle. Isn't it fine? Don't you love it?

Remember the materials we need to make this treasure? A smooth-sided bottle, some magazines, glue, and scissors?

Okay, y'all, I must confess...this is another one of those shamefully super simple Simple Saturday posts that incorporate maximum fun and the educational factor all rolled up into one.

So, hey, all you have to do (or all the kids have to do) is cut out words that they like from of the magazine. Words that they can read independently. Words that they can identify with with. Words that build their developing sense of autonomy as readers. You get the picture, right?

 And then glue them on to the bottlein a word cloud-esk fashion. That is it!

Boy howdy! If you got a a resistant reader, this is the craft for you. If the kiddo can read it independently -- the word goes on the jar.