Simple Saturday: Ghostly Pops

See...I told you these things are scary. John got the bejeebers spooked out of him so bad he took off running and didn't stop until he reached the community swimming pool. I found him in a terrified huddle in a damp corner of the boy's dressing room. I tell ya...Simple Saturday Ghostly Pops are down-right frightening!

    With clammy hands, I'll brave this post, only because I promised you that I would. Here goes...

It's it kind of crazy that when an everyday sucker, a square of toilet paper, a piece of yarn, and a marker are combined Halloween horror happens. I'm not sure at what point this transformation takes. All I know is that it does.

So, if you dare, all you need to do is drape that square of TP over the sucker. Gather it under the candy and tie it off with a small piece of yarn. Then, simply make two marks for your candy phantom's eyes and there you have it, you very own Simple Saturday Ghostly Pop!

I wonder at which point the magic takes place, don't you? When do these simple items become transformed into ghoulies? Is it at the tie or at the eye?

However, I do know how to break the spell.

Eat 'em!