Simple Saturday: The Color Wheel

 This project was simply delightful to make. I had a ball snipping, gluing, matching, sorting, and organizing. I just wish you could have been here with me. Oh, the chit-chatting we would do!

Here's how I made a Simple Saturday Color Wheel. First of all I gathered up a stack of magazines, a gluestick, a small piece of poster board, a pencil, scissors, and a tasty hot cup of coffee. What's a Saturday morning without coffee?

Also, I found a nice image of the Color Wheel on the web. I printed it out to use as a guide and then, at the last minute, decided to use it as part of the project.

 After I cut the poster board in a circle (Hint: I used a small plate as a template to trace around.) I drew starry triangular pizza-like lines on it. Then I leafed throught the magazines to find colors to snip in tiny mosaic shapes. Following the color wheel guide, I easily glued my colorful mosaic snips in their designated spot on the Simple Saturday Color Wheel.

Lastly, I stuck the downloaded web image on the center of my Simple Saturday Color Wheel and...pop...there you have it! I have the hankering for some pepperoni.

Home Slice, here I come.