Simple Saturday: The TP Roll Kaleidoscope

 Wow! Check out the colors! Watch how the sequins shift and shine! The Simple Saturday TP Roll Kaleidoscope is truly amazing...and super easy to make, too.

It's a good thing I took pictures of the creation progress before giving the final product to John to play with. Just look at the mesmerized expression on his handsome face. He's having so much fun, he'll never give the Simple Saturday TP Roll Kaleidoscope back. Sheesh... 

An inside the tube view...Cool, huh?

 Here's how I did it. For supplies I got a toilet paper roll. a rubber band, scissors, two layers of plastic wrap (cut in...oh...say...5 inch squares), and a pinch of colorful sequins.

 All right...easy does it, here. Lay those two pieces of plastic wrap one over the other. Place a pinch of colorful sequin cluster in the center of the square. Now, place the tube over the sparkling cluster so that those glittering jewels are inside the tube's circle.

 Smooth the sides of your plastic wrap over the curved edge of your tp roll and secure with your rubber band. There you have it! A Simple Saturday TP Roll Kaleidoscope!

To get the glittery mesmerizing effect John is obviously enjoying, hold the sequin/plastic wrap end to the light and slowly turn the kaleidoscope in your hand. The sequins play with the light in the most delightful way!

 If you don't believe me, just ask John.

Hey, John! ...John!

Dang it. Looks like I'm going to have to make my own Simple Saturday TP Roll Kaleidoscope. He's never going to give me a turn.