Simple Saturday Prep: The Lost Quarter

Have you ever been bamboozled at a major league baseball game when trying to keep your eye on the tiny red ball placed under one of those  three baseball caps whirring  across the  Jumbo-tron screen? You know...the game where you have to guess which hat the illusive ball is under? I swear, as hard as I try to keep my eye on the ball, I never guess it right. Those hats buzz by so quickly my baby blues get crossed!

Well, let's create our own bit of bamboozle-ation, shall we? Tomorrow gather up 3 small lids (I'm going to use baby food jar lids), a quarter, some tape, and your head. That's right. I said your head. However, if your hair style is that of the buzzed variety, we might need to borrow someone else's head, momentarily.

Until tomorrow...