Simple Saturday: Rainmaking

Making rain couldn't be simpler. Watch this...or even better... join me, okay?

Pictured are the supplies needed -- the tea kettle filled with water, a metal spoon, and some ice cubes. (Ignore my homemade mosaic utensil holder in the background. I'll show you how to make one of those another time.)

Turn the heat on high and let that tea kettle get so hot that steam whistles shrill out of it. (Making rain is noisy business, let me tell you.)

Balance a few ice cubes in the metal spoon.

Be careful with this next step, pal.

Hold the spoon ice cube over the kettle's screaming steam.

Rain!!! I know, I know...I didn't promise you a monsoon, but it is rain.Look! In no time at all, water droplets condense on the bottom of the spoon! Rain! We made rain!!! 

You know, my Simple Saturday friend, you might enjoy doing a bit or research regarding this weather-related phenomenon. This is the short and sweet version of what I know about the creation of real rain.

It's crazy cold way up high in the atmosphere...big time the ice cubes. Rain clouds form way up there, too.  When warm air and water vapor (the screaming steam) from the Earth rises and hits the cool air way up high in the dark and cloudy sky water droplets form and...pow...RAIN!

Don't take my word for this. Find out for yourself. Ask your weatherman. Read some books or good webpages. See if I'm right and then come back and tell me what you found out. 

Happy puddle-jumping!