Simple Saturday: Bathtub Soap Crayons

Hey, Simple Saturday pal! Look at my box of Ivory Snow nestled up in a bank of real, true-to-life, super-deep Vermont snow. Isn't that awesome? Can you believe it? Remember I'm a Texas girl, and traipsing around in snow deeper than the soles of my shoes this is a pretty big ding-dang-deal!

Enough about the winter wonderland I just left behind, ready to make some soap crayons? All we need is soap flakes, hot water (and I do mean HOT), a mixing bowl, and some kind of mold to have the soap crayons. I decided to use a muffin tin. John had the great idea to line the tin with muffin cups...good idea. Optional, but good.

Here we go. Dump the soap flakes in a mixing bowl. Gradually wet the mixture with the hot, hot, hot water. Stir like the devil to thicken the soap crayon mixture. 

Pour mixture into smaller bowl add a few big squirts of food coloring and keep stirring.

 I drafted John to help me stir. Enthusiastic, isn't he? 

Next, pour your colored soap mixtures into your mold. Place your mold in the freezer for a few hours.

Go to a movie or maybe out to eat, and when you'll have some awesome soap crayons waiting for you.

Now fill up the bathtub with some cozy warm water. With your nifty soap crayons in hand, climb on in and simply draw on the tile to your soggy heart's content. Talk about good clean fun, eh?

See you next week!