Simple Saturday-Color Mixing

As you can tell the procedures below have been done in my kitchen, as most of the Simple Saturday posts will be. Color mixing is easy, simple, and fun to do...just wait and see.

Here are the three glasses half filled with colored water. I used 5 drops of each shade of food coloring in each glass. You might want to experiment with the concentration of color you'd like to use. It has been my experience that if you make the color solution too dark it doesn't work as well and your child's fingertips might get a bit stained (But who cares...right?). 

I filled the eyedropper with a nice blob of blue and then dropped it into the first space in the color mixing tray.





Next I filled the dropper with a tube full of yellow color and mixed with with the blue already in the color tray. Whoa! Wait. What just happened? Did I make green? Wow. (Little ones love this...I'm telling ya'.)



Let's get crazy now. How do you think I was able to make purple, huh? Or how about that orange right there? What colors must combine to make this happen? I wonder how pink is made. Or brown. Or black.

I encourage you to ask the questions and let your young child figure out the color combinations on their own. So what if the shade isn't right. Simply wipe it out and begin again!