Get Ready. Tomorrow is Simple Saturday.

I have made a career out of having a great time with kids utililizing very simple things. In fact, most of the items needed to create a fun little activity can be found right there in your kitchen. Cheap fun. Simple quality time with your kids, hence the theme of my blog, Simple Saturdays. 

Here's the plan: On Friday I will give you a list of items that you might like to gather. On Saturday I'll show you what to do. There will be activities for all aged kids, wee ones to those that tower over us. Games, crafts, pastimes, things that help to develop motor skills and lengthen the concentration span. Laying-on-your-back-gazing-at-the-clouds type of things. Sounds like fun to you? It does to me.

Very young ones will enjoy tomorrow's activity, children from the age of oh...say...2 1/2 to 4 years of age. They will need to have the ability to squeeze the rubber top of an eyedropper. (Oh, how I love to watch those chubby, dimpled hands as they work.)

The supplies needed for Simple Saturday are an eyedropper, a color mixing tray (I bought this one at Jo Ann's for about $1.25), red, yellow, and blue food coloring, water, and 3 small glasses (baby food jars work great!). It might be good to have a sponge nearby.

That's it! I'll see you tomorrow!